Marieke Duin
Piano, Singing and Conducting choirs Pop/Jazz

Hi there, my name is Marieke Duin and music is my passion! I am a Dutch
professional piano player and singer and I have finished different studies in music:
Piano, Singing and Conducting choirs Pop/Jazz.

I perform regularly, for example in theatres, restaurants, living rooms
and at wedding ceremonies across the country. I organise my own concerts and
often play with other musicians.

Teaching and Conducting 
Besides that I also teach piano and singing, I organise workshops in singing and piano
and I am a choir leader.

Company Workshops Singing 
I organise singing workshops at companies too. Singing together is such a great way
of building a team! It is very relaxing and so much fun to do. Every company will benefit
from the singing workshops.

Composing and Studio Recording 
I compose my own piano songs (instrumental or with voice) which I record in a studio.
For special occasions like wedding proposals, weddings, birthdays or funerals I also write personalized songs.

Marieke Duin

Can I help you improve your playing or singing or both? Do you want a smashing party with live music? Would you like me to compose and record your dream song? Do you need a conductor to lead your choir? Or would you like me to give a Workshop Singing at your company? 

Please contact me at mariekeduinmusic@gmail.com or call me at +31 6 48365159. Have a nice day!

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